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BACKGROUND of the breed
The Yorkshire Terrier was created around the middle of the 19th Century by crossing a number of Terrier varieties that existed at that time. This was done around the middle to north of England, especially in the County of Yorkshire, hence the name Yorkshire Terrier.
The "early" Yorkshire Terriers could be as large as 6kgs (14 lbs) and were used, like other Terrier breeds, to kill rats. Over time, breeders produced a smaller, more beautiful dog that was a household pet and show dog, rather than a rat killer.

Most Yorkshire Terriers are alert, active and inquisitive. They can be determined with a mind of their own but are faithful and loyal to their human family. They thrive on human companionship and will happily be included in family activities. They have a sense of fun and enjoy a game. Thanks to their alertness, they make a good watchdog and will bark if strangers come to the home.
Although they are of small stature, they are generally a robust and healthy little terrier.They have the proportions of a normal dog but in miniature.

Yorkshire Terriers have a coat that does not shed or mould and they are therefore a hypoallergenic (low allergy causing) breed. The coat is not weather resistant and so Yorkshire Terriers should live indoors with periods outside for exercise.      01/08/2018

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AVERAGE LIFESPAN When considering a dog, please realize that you are taking it on for its lifetime. Yorkshire Terriers can live up to 16 years of age and occasionally even older.
Yorkshire Terriers generally weigh from 1.8 kg  
(4-lbs) to 3.3 kg (7-lbs).


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